10 Fabulous Cute Space Bun Hairstyles

Want to get before the trend? Want to rock the newest hair style to jump the world of style by storm? Fortunately for you, Styles Every week bring you the most popular hair-styles weekly, allowing you to stand above the style bend. This week, we’re talking the newest lovely hair style which people are going insane for. Presenting area buttocks – the sweetest style which is both practical and stylish too. Here are 10 super lovely area bun hair-styles for you to reproduce in your own time.

Twisted Buns with twisting Curls

Ombre Curls with Space Buns

light Pink Space Buns

Messy Space Buns

Loosel Pinned Space Buns

French Braided Half Up Half Down Space Buns


Twirl and Twisted Space Buns

Backwards French Braided Space Bun

Fishtail Wrapped Space Buns

Upside Down Dutch Braids

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